WHAT we deliver

We inform our members about free admission cultural events in Budapest.

We validate every single event against our "Free Events Standard".

HOW we deliver

We place all of the events in our "Budapest Free Events Calendar" online which members have access to.


  • annualy we inform our customers about over 1,200 free admission events;
  • on average: weekly - 20; on a weekend - 10; on a week day - 3 events/day.
  • mission: to uncover Budapest free admission cultural events world to all willing to discover.

No more hours spent on browsing multiple websites and frustration with Google translator. We save you time, frustration and money!


At any point of time we feature 1 Free Event of a Day on our homepage .

We list tips and publish guides on generic free admissions to events and museums. Perfect for tourists.


Free events’ organizes – we are your platform for promoting free events. Detailed info for organizers here.


There is always load of free events going on in Budapest, be it

  • classical music concerts,
  • movies,
  • organ concerts,
  • jazz and folk music concerts,
  • dance performances,
  • festivals,
  • exhibitions,
  • crafts workshops and free classes,
  • public lectures by world renowed lecturers

– you name it – it’s all for free.

Get on board and claim your sit at multitute of free admission cultural events of Budapest.

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