If you are checking out this page we are ALREADY grateful. That tells a lot about you as a "giving person".

We currently need help with:

1/Keruleti ambassadors. If you are a local Hungarian and know your keruleti cultural life in an out we DO want to hear from you.

2/ Help with technical matters of running this website. Some quick tweak and twists that any website developer could do in a mater of a half of an hour. We won't lean on you too often, promise! 🙂

3/ Web design skills. To make our website look more engaging yet delivering its message clearly.

4/ Contributor/Editor. You are good in writing short, fun and engaging texts, you can explain high and contemporary culture in simple terms but more importantly you are genuinely inspired by the mission of this website. You are our girl/guy! 🙂

5/ Budapest cultural scene insider. You do not need to be! It is the title we will inaugurate you with! 🙂 We will direct you to places where you will engage with event organizers, get content from them and put it on our website. But just in case you already hold this title - we want to hear from you even more :).

6/ Social networks guru . Help interaction on our FB and Instagram and Twitter pages + we are open to your suggestions.

7/  Photographers. This one is the easiest, probably. If you have attended free event and made a great picture please tag it #budapestfreeevents We will repost it into our feed with attributed credit.

If you would want to help us in any of the above or any other ways please do get in touch. Founder is an adequate, fun and in-listening-mode lady (at least that is what she thinks of herself ;)).

What we offer in return:

  1. eternal gratefulness for giving us a helping help when we needed it.
  2. credit to your contribution wherever and however we can make it (in the form of putting your logo at our website, highlighting your name to our community so that people know their heroes, giving recommendations to your future clients/employers, etc.)
  3. just tell us what works in your field and we will see whether we can do it in this form.

If all of the above sounds appealing please drop us a line and we will figure how we could match each other needs best.